Sunday, March 25, 2012

Woven Easter Baskets

Baskets can come in all sizes and shapes. These baskets are plastic powder drink containers and some are from Splenda boxes that pastel paper was woven and wrapped around the box and Easter grass was tucked inside into them. Fill these colorful baskets with their Easter candy or your homemade treats.

plastic milk jug
Splenda box
powder drink container
pastel paper
hot glue
Easter grass

1. Making a weave pattern 11x 8.5 size by interweaving different colors of pastel paper, you will have two (grids) which I will refer to, you will tow of them for the sides for the milk jug and another one for the bottom of the jug.

2. You will need another 11x8.5 grid for the bottom. I like to use different patterns for the basket for the added dimension.

3. Glue the bottom piece to the bottom of the milk jug and cut the extra and smooth around the corners.

4. Glue the other two sides around the milk jug with tacky glue and make sure you have adequate coverage to keep there weaved paper on the jug. Fold over about 3 rows over all around on top to make a smooth edge and also secure purposes.

5. For the Splenda box and the powder drink containers wrap around the paper with hot glue and cut the extra paper where necessary

6. Add the Easter pastel grass and tuck in your favorite sweet treats.

Friday, March 2, 2012

3D Blooming Spring Wreath

I made this wall hanging out of floral wire, pastel paper and colorful pipe cleaners. The chenille stems were bold colored that made the wreath make it more colorful on the wall. The flowers have 3 different pastel colors on each that have a pipe cleaner that is bent in half and a pony bead inserted to be the flower bud. The pipe cleaner was twisted to make two leaves and coiled around the wire form at sporadic intervals.