Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dancing Ghosts

These cute ghosts were a spontaneous thought when I doing other crafts.  The idea that came to me and I just had to do these adorable ghosts. They are made from coffee filters and twist ties and black marker for the eyes.  I took one of the filters and make a ball for the heads for the ghosts and put another filter on top of the heads.  Take a twist tie around the neck once and make the arms with the same twist tie.  The orange skirt I colored with orange marker and dipped with water so that the water will seep through the filter and when the filter was dry, the skirt was the bottom layer of the one ghosts.  With the arms of the ghosts, join them in a semi-circle.

 I posted this craft at another site and they published them to their site so that the kids could make them for Halloween.  It makes me feel good when others can enjoy and share a craft.  I have these dancing ghosts on my bedroom window sill and I have battery operated luminaries that I made for Halloween that glow from the outside. 

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