Friday, February 18, 2011

Now that Valentine's Day over....desperately need color...

Well.....I had Christmas and all the beautiful colors that came with it. I knew shortly after I would have Valentines day and make crafts for my place. I had that cute teapot and teacup centerpiece and the hanging heart decoration on my wall. I had a few things in my bedroom for Valentines Day. To take down anything on my walls, that is so's a very hard thing for me. Let alone my walls are barron you wouldnt believe it. I never like clutter and my place is soo small, I have a loft apartment. I suppose I can hang things on my walls but nothing caught my eyes to speak of. I dont sew and probably will never pick up that I guess I will bring out my spring centerpiece for my kitchen, that will add some color. I have a picture of the centerpiece and some of the crafts I had done in the past.


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