Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Crafts - St. Pat's Day craft

Field of flowers: 
These flowers were made out of contruction paper, pipe cleaners, pony beads for the bud and alot of cutting. I dont have a all the cutting was by hand. Every flower has 3 different colors for the petals. I had the cardboard for the actual flower and trace it onto to different colors of construction paper. Then I folded a pipe cleaner in half, attached a pony bead to it and through the hole of all three petals of each flower. When the stem came through the other end, twist it so that you create the leaves.

St. Pat's Day Blooms:  My flowers made out of coffee filters....those are especially special to me. I absolutely love them. Each of them have a different hue and pattern. All I used is coffee filter (3 to each), markers, water to dampen them. The water is the key...once the water seeps through the filter, amazing things happen. At first they came out too pale but with experiment with more color I was happy with the results.

Wear Your Bling:  I made a few rings using pipe cleaners to see how they would come out. For those of you are going to "paint the town" and wear your bling ....these would be easy to do.

No Water Needed:  The last one is a glass decanter that I hand painted with a yellow flower and added more paper flowers inside. I have them on my window sill. I don't have to worry whether if I need to water them or not.


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