Thursday, March 31, 2011

Call me Dream Weaver....seriously...! !

I had the weaving bug and I cant I was browsing on the net one night and something caught my eye and I was in the mode ever since. Since Easter is coming and we need baskets.....for the kiddies. Adorable ones that you do yourself and dont have to spend alot of money to make one. I have a grand-daughter who's just turned 3 years old. She is precious and I have a pre-made basket for her already. All I need is the goodies to put inside of it.

This particular basket was weaved from different colored pastel printer paper. I had pink, yellow, blue and green. Made a grid with the main color and I interweaved with the other colors. You can see the pink mat in one of the pictures. One of the sides of the basket the main color is yellow. I joined the sides with hot glue. The bottom has another color.

Ok....for the inside....just take a empty plastic gallon of milk and cut all the way to halfway or you get 6" inches of plastic jug. Cut out the spout and handle and make sure it's even all around. Dont worry about the circular indentation that they have on the sides. When you hot glue the weaved paper grid press it really good onto the milk jug and it will adhere. For the handle I simply hole punched into the milk jug......NOT into paper.. for security reasons. I twisted 3 pipe cleaners of different colors and when I threaded them through the holes of the milk jug I twisted the ends of the pipe cleaners.

Weaving with toilet paper rolls....
For the other weaved projects.....believe it or not I used toilet paper rolls. (there's that word I flattened out the rolls and made a grid making 1 cm lines across the roll. Then cut each line. I have a great tip to weave: Secure the vertical strips with scotch tape on a surface that will it....that will be easier to weave. Take the horizontal strips and weave until you have a whole grid.
Take off the tape, get your hot glue gun ready and fold over all the strips over. You will have many strips to bend over to the other side. *

* Since the toilet paper roll measures 4 x want the vertical strips to be 4".
Make the grid so that horizontal lines will be 5" ... so that it's easier to weave. Then I painted the weaves with tulip paints. I like the 3D paints because I like to mix them and make different colors and when dry they are shiny.

You will have to make 3 of these grids to make that cute cylindrical shape that I made. I put my sweetener packets into it.To make that I just got empty powder drink container and took off the label, measured down about 2 inches down. Cut off the the excess and glued the weave around the container.

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