Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Easter Decorations....These are tooo cute....


I have been soo busy doing some decorations for Easter. I wanted to do a different centerpiece than last year. You saw my woven Easter baskets. I had the cutest bunny template that I was going to put another basket but I decided to use it for my counter centerpiece. I made the cardboard template and drew the features freehand (yes...that is true). I am not an artist but at a lark, I can do some dandy things. I did that on both sides and painted the bunny with Tulip paints.  I had a square piece of styrofoam and a straw that I cut halfway. I inserted the straw into the two pieces of the cardboard bunny and the styrofoam where I punch holed. I hot glued the straw into the hole into the styrofoam.

I took Easter grass and hot glue all around the styrofoam to look like grass. You notice it looks like the bunny is on a hill. My platter last year was too little....sooo, I improvised. What better than a big pizza pan. I had a big one 16". I alternated pink and green Easter grass around the pan. The napkin holder is from lipton tea carton that I put my woven paper onto and hot glued around it. Same as the salt and pepper shaker.


I have that pastel paper that I wanted to do a Easter wreath. I had the wire already and the pink ribbon. It took many strips of paper, I took a ruler and each piece of paper, marked 1.5" wide and 8" long strips folded in I had 4 inch loops. Then I had to hot glue each strip to a make 8 strips to make a bow. That wreath took me a long time. After I attached all the bows I took my shiny pink ribbon and wrapped all around the wreath and made a bow on top of the wreath. I have it on my wall in my front room.

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