Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3-D Blooming Wreath

What a lovely way to decorate your walls for spring.  It is colorful and at night it casts a shadow on the wall when it's over a lamp.  It was quite easy to do.The wreath consists of wire that was bend to a 12" round circle.  Then several colors of pipe cleaners were wrapped around the wire until no wire was shown.

The paper flowers were made from a template of a cardboard flower that I had.  I used a daisy template and cut several different colors of paper.  I layered 3 petals for each flower, different colors for each.  I hole punched in the middle of each petal.  Bent a pipe cleaner and thread a pony bead to the halfway.  I pushed  both ends of the pipe cleaner through all of the 3 petals, make loops for the leaves and the stems.  I made about 20 flowers.  I didn't have to bunch them, I scattered them.  With the end of each flower I twisted them around the wire.  No glue was used for this wreath.

Paper Flower Decanter

Use any glass decanter that you have or empty used any bubble bath or dish soap that have pretty shapes.  Soak the label.  You can paint a pretty scene right on it.  I used Tulip paints and painted a butterfly on the glass decanter.  I added my paper flowers that I had extra from the wreath and put them on my window sill.

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