Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Butterfly Mobile

This colorful butterfly mobile was so easy to do and fun. It only took pastel tissue paper, pipe cleaners, either elastic cord or any string you may have and a place to hang on

I layered 2 layers of tissue, measured a 4 inch square and made a butterfly shaped by rounding the corners and make a indent the middle. Then I bent a pipe cleaner in half and slip the 2 pieces of tissue. Twist the pipe cleaner at the top, scrunched the tissue in the middle.  Put the elastic cord where you twist the pipe cleaner and loop it once just to give it enough cord so that the next butterfly will go on the same fashion, etc.

I made contrary colors with the pipe cleaners. I think this was the cutest craft I ever did and I saw it last night while I was browsing the net for something else.  I made loops at both ends, so that I could hang it.

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