Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tie-Dyed Luminaries

The tie-dyed mania has made a comeback. More craft sites that I belong to have some pretty amazing things they are doing with tie-dye. I did some really cool luminaries using cotton fabric and using colored markers. I did different patterns on the cotton fabric and just slightly dipped in water and the colors seeped throughout the material. For each luminary I used strips of fabric and wrapped them around the cylinder. It gave it more dimension and the die-tyed effect was more visible. I used Aileen's tacky glue. I added tea lights that you can buy any craft store or candle section at any store.

When not using for a luminaries, what a great idea to hold pens, pencils and your art supplies. What a great idea for a teen birthday. Serve the utensils in these cool tye-dyed containers. These are made out powder drink containers. I cut the shorter ones by using a ruler, cut about 1.2" off the top and a straight edge or scissor.

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