Monday, November 15, 2010

I finished some of my Christmas crafts.....I need a break

I started at 9:00 a.m today finishing the wreath and some other crafts I started the other day.  I love recycling crafts and you will see the wreath I made is made from white plastic bags from Walmart that I cut into 2" strips and then tied all around the wreath.  That took about 20 bags to do that. My wrist was so sore after tying all those plastic strips all around the wire form.  Those cute miniature ornaments, wire form and silver cording I bought at the craft store. That was the extent of the purchases for that craft and look how pretty it looked.

The cute scene you see in the container is from a powder drink container.  I cut a oval in the front, and used more miniatures from the craft store.  I cut a cute cartoon scene from an old greeting Christmas card from last year and glued it to the back wall of the container.  I used fake snow and glued it to the bottom and top of the house.  I glued one of the battery tea light to the plastic top to illuminate the scene.

The other scene I call it "Winter wonderland".  I am especially proud with that one.  The paper trees are from green construction that I painted and added glitter.  The fluffy blanket I had already from last year and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard.  I made hills from cotton balls, the pond is made from blue glitter.  The fake snow of course I had on hand.  All in all, the only purchase I had from the craft store from the miniature ornaments: about five or six packages of them (assorted), fake snow, silver cording.

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  1. Oh my! And I thought your other posts were clever! The idea with the drink canister container is pure genius! I am going to Walmart and the Dollar Store this evening, and I think I will look for some miniatures to try your ideas. My first thought for the Winter Wonderland, is that it wouldn't work for me, since we live in such a tiny, tiny house and I have no spare surface to place it. But I think I could make a long, skinny version that would fit in the space under/in front of our tv.
    THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful ideas!