Sunday, November 14, 2010

Waiting for an idea

Sitting at the computer looking at my emails and looking some of crafter's emails and their Christmas crafts thus far.  Some are just gorgeous and I am gawking looking at them and I wish mine were the same.  I spent all day Friday crafting.   I usually try at least 2 of 5 days to my crafts.  Not to say I have limited inventory to work with.  Usually I am into recycling crafts; cardboard, plastic, tin, any materials that could be used for crafts.  Between my crafts, I browse for recipes so that I can jot any recipes on my index cards, not that I do alot (not like my sister).  I think she starts about a week or two weeks prior to Christmas and I don't even know how many kinds of cookies she makes.  She makes roll cookies, bar cookies, drop cookies....dozens of them.  All I know her favorite of mine is her "apricot bars" and her "mint brownies"  are to die for.  For me....I don't have the patience ...nor the budget to buy the ingredients for cookies.  Tomorrow is Monday....I will finish a wreath that I made with white plastic bags that I cut into 2" strips and twist them all around around a wire form, and then attached tiny ornaments around the wreath and silver pearl cord as a bow and twirled around the wreath.  It took about 20 white plastic bags to cut 2" strips for one wreath. will see it when it completed......MAYBE tomorrow.

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  1. These really turn out so pretty. I've made something really similar - first with my own kids when they were young and then with classes of religious education kids at church.
    We use cheap fold-top sandwich bags to tie around rounded wire coat hangers. The hook at the top is a built in hanger. Then we add a bow and a single novelty ornament hanging down in the wreath's center. This gets away from using hot glue with young children.