Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Crafts thus far

I started fall with my autumn crafts and my first craft with my recycled corrugated cardboard vase.  I had alot of corrugated cardboard from furniture that I purchased.  I put the cardboard in storage at that time and didn't think about using the cardboard at that time because I had company at that time.   I started in September with the crafts, I took one of the corrugated cardboard pieces and rolled out into a hexagon shape, and glued the seams with tacky glue.  Then sponge painted the whole vase with fall colors and when it dried, I splattered different colors of glitter all about the vase. I tucked the bottom of the vase in one side on top of the other, and put several sheets of newspaper inside so that when I bought fall stems they would stay put.  Then I did wood autumn plaques.  I bought some wood stain and stained the plaques and when they dried, I glittered real leaves around the border.   I stenciled one of the plaques with the word "Fall"" and put the plaques on my front door.

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  1. How clever!!! That vase is absolutely GORGEOUS!