Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas Decorations

I was in a mood to put up my Christmas decorations this year very eary and I am glad that I did.  Even though I live alone and have a small apartment, the little decorating I do... it looks like a Winter Wonderland when I get finished.  I have a credenza that I put a little winter scene on.  I start with fluff blanket on both shelves and put my cute ornaments on the white blanket and make it look like a winter scene.   One wall of my front room is all angels.  I have a circular table that I have a beautiful gold angel on  the top shelf, and at the botton shelf I have a fiber-optic angel.   The end table next to my futon I draped a velvet red skirt with blue lights underneath.  On top is my snow baby on a sleigh.  At night, the blue lights  shine through the red velvet skirt and it looks beautiful.   On top of my window sill I have a statue of a angel and smaller angels on the window sill. 

On the wall as you can see I have a tapestry of a angel that lights up at night.  The light and garland along the ledge light up and the glass angel is fiber-optic and also illuminates.  You can see how I can be mesmerized with the lights and color in one room.  I have a small kitchen and I just have a few decorations in the kitchen. On the refrigerator are some of the crafts that I did a few weeks ago with the cut-out ornaments out of cardboard.  I put sticky magnets at the back of them and attached them to the fridge, I thought it was pretty neat idea.   The little wreath I made I put on the fridge also.


  1. Just lovely , Having decorations up early really extends the season. I love that.
    I am only just beginning. I so love this season.

  2. You have put me in the Christmas mood.. love all your decorating.. thank you so much for sharing.. Merry Christmas to you and Yours...

  3. Beautiful! Especially with the lights. I've just barely made a start, putting up my favorite decoration last night. It's a primitive Santa in his sleigh pulled by two reindeer, made by our youngest son from craft sticks many years ago. Maybe tonight I will get the garlands up above two windows. Those are where I hang my incoming Christmas cards and I love that look too.

  4. Your house looks great. What fun!!
    Your green wreath came out very nice as well.!
    Shawna-WN group

  5. Very happy you decorated eventho alone!
    I am alone too and decorated up my apt.
    Altho this is my year w/o my usual decorated tree I have put my things around and put lights up here and there. It looks very festive in your place and in mine also!! Sorry no camera no photos!