Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adorable Trick or Treat Bags

This cute bag was made with felt and embellished with felt pieces that I glued on the bag.   I used two squares of orange felt and doubled stitched 3 sides of the two with black thread.  Then I took two pieces of black felt and doubled the length and joined them in the middle to make a handle longer.  I stitched them in the middle to join them as one.  Then at the sides I stitched the handled onto the inside of the bag.

I cut black triangles for the Jack o lantern face on one side.  Then I added silver glue glitter at the borders of the felt pieces.  This Jack o lantern is ready for Halloween. On the other side I added two felt pears and a pumpkin and added glitter for a sparkly effect and used tacky glue to adhere them on the bag.  My granddaughter will be so excited to get this bag for sure.

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