Saturday, October 22, 2011

Penguin Ornaments and Snowmen tags

Penguin Ornaments:

These penguin ornaments were from my stash of Christmas wrapping paper from last year.  When I retrieved some of my crafts out of the closet I saw the paper and thought how pretty the paper was and it would be stunning as a ornament.  

I starting cutting penguins from the paper and had cardboard templates that were rectangular and circular.  I glued down the paper on both sides of the cardboard template.  I finished with purple glitter on the border on the   penguin ornaments and took by hole punch at the top and strung a satin purple ribbon at the top.

Snowmen Tags:

I also had the cutest paper with snowmen and used it for gift tags.  I cut several  rectangular cardboard templates and glued down snowmen from the paper and smoothed out the paper.  I outlined the snowmen with white glitter glue and the other side added some touches of white glitter around the words.

I used my hole punch and added silver curling ribbon for the gift string.  I think these would be great for any kids that you have on your gift list. 

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