Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Christmas Visit

I spend Christmas at one of sister's house. We have a big family but we all live at different states. These year we decided to get together which was great. My mom and one of my sister's live in Florida and flew in to my sisters in Chgo. I took a train, which was a 2 1/2 hour trip. I can't complain about the trip, I bring my magazines and the trip goes really quick. My other sister from California could not make the trip. My sister that had the get together, she has three adult kids and each have their own kids. Well, suffice to say when everyone gets together theres is a crowd. My sister's house is always so cozy with her beautiful decorations and she's been collecting nutcrackers as long as I remember. She also collects old Santa's and put them on top of an entertainment center with a blanket of snow underneath with lights underneath. Her tree with all the ornaments is gorgeous and with the many gifts underneath is a beautiful site. She made up a cutest room for me while I was staying there. She had a Christmas scene quilt on the bed with throw pillows with the same pattern. There was a chair with stuffed animals on it. She had a side table with a fiber-optic snowman that I could turn on at night. My mom and my other sister had the room next door and their room was also cute with Christmas quilts on their beds. Besides of the anesthetics of the house, talk about food, we never saw so much in our lives, the treats that my sister put out. She still with her tradition with 10 or more kinds of Christmas cookies, bars that she bakes and she starts around 2 weeks prior to Christmas. She has the cookies in the dining room table in silver trays with tags labeled they are. We had a great time and they decided that they will do the same thing next year.

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