Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a few Valentines Crafts...

After browsing what it seemed over 100 pictures of crafts that people post to their sites, I decided it was time to do some Valentine crafts.   It is just a start, its about 1/4 of what I like to do but I can't really get  out to get the supplies.  I'm in the Midwest here and we are snowbound at the moment.  Thankfully I am into recycling alot and I have stock of cardboard that I made hearts out of the cardboard.  I cut the hearts out of cardboard the other the day, painted them, embellished them with glitter or sponged paintedt them (my favorite method of painting).  I attached a curly ribbon to two sets of valentines and hung them on my wall, one is lower than the other with the curly part at the bottom.   I did my second favorite thing was making paper flowers out of coffee filters.  I did that in the spring and I have a rainbow of them in my bedroom in a big picture frame.  Those are soo easy to do, I also put dabs of reds and pinks on the paper flowers so that they look roses.  The pictures really came out really great.... so that is my kitchen counter and my wall with my first crafts for Valentine's Day.

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