Thursday, January 13, 2011

New crafts for the New year.....

I was very crafty the last few days being that we were snow-bound and couldn't go outside.  I am into recycled crafts and I did have fun coming up with a few ideas.  I save cereal boxes whether they are cardboard boxes or the single containers that are round.  I decoupaged a round cereal container with shades of yellow for my colored markers. I had a pop-up dispenser in the bathroom that I decoupaged with pages from a magazine.  I did a memo board that cover a big portion on my kitchen wall from corrugated cardboard that I pained red, then put recipes and whatever I wanted to put on the memo board with colorful push pins.  The containers that I covered with fabric are soft drink containers that I wrapped fabric around them and added a tea-light inside and it will glow at night anywhere you go. 

Last year I repurposed cereal boxes to make magazine holders.  The pictures of my new crafts and the magazine holders are pictured.


  1. What fun crafts. Look like you enjoyed being snowbound :)

  2. Hi. I found your post on the waste nothing group. You did a great job.

    Keep on crafting. Would love to see more of what you can do.